The Model That Best Shows How Software Components Are Distributed Across Hardware Components Is The?

(B)heory of scatter plots (also called the notion that code is distributed across hardware components based on the ideas laid out in the 1960s by Edsger?Dijkstra, who was an influential but mostly unknown figure in computer science)

(C)rop TOPS-10/20 account

(D)Software Development cycle

10.A company uses a database to warehouse product information. While this database may provide maximum flexibility for adding new products or updating existing ones, it?s slow to access and update at best. The solution is to train all employees working with this data to use predefined SQL queries when retrieving information from the database. Which one of the following could be used to label this problem?

I.improperly implemented application software design

II.inadequate support infrastructure supported by user interface designers for complex applications

III.lack of proper training among staff members trained in how to use the system properly

IV.troublesome configuration settings that work incorrectly after installation or upgrade are added because staff remains unaware that changes must be made during installation or upgrade procedures

V.Use of resource servers instead of dedicated hardware servers resulting in diminished system uptime reliability due to high demand on these systems

11.Linux has no graphical user interface (GUI). Therefore, Linux developers can not build GUIs from scratch as easily as they can Windows developers would do, although some GUI elements have been

Which Statement Best Describes Why Microsoft Activates Software??

If you have been using Windows for a while and it has been working fine, but suddenly some new software breaks your computer or slows it down, the first thing you asked is why? How come this happened? You may not know what installer is installed or maybe you don’t even know how to uninstall an application. Whatever the case, here are some simple steps that can help solve your problems. 1 – Check if a program is “installed”. If a program does not show up in Programs & Features then that indicates that there is still a file associated with it on your hard drive called Setup.exe which is also referred as the Installer. Look at the Explorer window and right-click on anything where its name starts with c: (Windows 7) or d: (Windows Vista). Click properties and look at the location of C:\ProgramData\ORACLE\Installer or %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft for Windows XP users. The next step must be finding out where exactly do we find this startup program and whether we can remove it easily from Start Menu by right-clicking on its icon shown below: If there is no problem removing the installer from Start Menu, then try turning off/rebooting PC; open Control Panel | System; click on Advanced system settings | Hardware tab; select Startup Settings; double click “Safe Mode with command prompt” option; type setup /un

Antivirus for Windows 10

the model that best shows how software components are distributed across hardware components is the?


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