What Is The Best Antivirus Software For Android Phones?

Panda uses heuristic analysis and cloud-powered artificial intelligence to scan for both known and new malware before it impacts your device. The basic firewall built into the Android operating system protects users from breaches by malicious Web sites and email, but some apps deliver rogue programs that can give an attacker access to a phone or tablet’s camera and microphone, as well as read SMS messages on the device. — Electronic Frontier Foundation — How do I set up my antivirus software?

Install the antivirus app you want to control, such as Norton Mobile Security or McAfee AntiVirus Plus Free on your saved list of 10 apps. Just tap-and-hold any of those options to rename them so they appear in reverse alphabetic order (i.e., starting with Z). If you start this process at one end of your list and then replace an old virus scanner with a new or upgraded version of one already stored there, everything will just work – not only will it work pre-programmed – but all changes would be reflected without any additional effort required after reboot! — PC Mag — 7 Best Antivirus Smartphone Apps for 2018

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what is the best antivirus software for android phones?


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