What Is The Best Coin Collecting Software??

I’m new to the world of coin collecting software. I’ve been into it for about 6 1/2 years now. I have an investment portfolio that is taking a beating in the market right now, so I need all the help I can get.

With that said, here are my questions….

1) My goal at this moment is to save for a custom built PC (maybe 2 or 3 years down the line if things keep going well). Right now after buying coins pretty much every day for 5 years, my portfolio never gets closer than $3k. This is because I always buy cheap coins and then later when they’re worth more sell them cheap to cover trips and other added expenses. What’s best way to accomplish this? Should I stick with numismatic coins? Or should i do like Kyle Harris says in his column (buy gold)?

2) If it weren’t for spending money over time on these overpriced pieces of junk, how would you guys recommend getting emotionally invested? Should i be doing heavy research on any one piece in particular before buying it? Or maybe just trying out some really great programs like Coin Dealer Pro or Scotts Marketplace Value Advisor (or even eBay feedback?) That way when something goes wrong which happens often regarding ebay purchases anyway; I’ll already know what went wrong before giving up on something due to bad luck big time(even though obviously your average player plays HARDER than pros!!!)

What Is The Best Coin Collecting Software?

This is the critical part of buying your first coins. Very few people are willing to buy anything without researching it on the web first, so make sure you do it! There are plenty of websites out there that list deals you can take advantage of. You might be lucky enough to find some great deals early on, but if not then just use that time you would have spent researching to learn more about what coin collecting is all about. Once you’ve determined which coins interest you most and what type of collector you want to be (broker/dealer/collector), decide how much money you can afford for each coin, or maybe even price them by rarity. Starting with lower-priced items will give higher-value collectors an opportunity to buy them after they become more expensive, so start high with something like the 1887 Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle ($10 today) or whatever suits your scheme. This way when prices rise again, they may still be affordable since that initial payment left plenty of money for buying higher-dollar items…and eventually dies off over time as investment needs begin rising up again. It is called patience investing…and working smart isn’t always easy!

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what is the best coin collecting software??


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