What Is The Best Language Learning Software For Spanish?


2011-05-30 21:28:52 I tried Psikyo for a few weeks. It’s better than it sounds, but not by much. If you are looking for something that allows you to learn languages through “action”, then get the Trial version of PsiKyo.

If you are looking for something that teaches Spanish, I would recommend Pimsleur Spanish/Teach Yourself in 30 Days or the Rosetta Stone Complete Series. The Rosetta Stone program is pretty good because it has audio and visual instruction while Pimsleur focuses only on the texts only without audio which means you have to listen to iambic octameter while reading aloud…not exactly ideal when you are living in Chile where people don’t speak this way. However, if your school uses Purbo Spanish or English then you will probably have an easier time learning Spanish through DVDs rather than directly from paper books without any sort of guidance provided by an instructor since there aren’t many courses out there catering specifically to other South American countries other than Peru and Colombia (wish they made up their minds).

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what is the best language learning software for spanish?


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