What Is The Best Live Chat Software?

4. Live Messenger is still my favorite, even though it is a bit dated and has downsides. Still the most feature-rich IM client I know of. It’s like having a big open chatroom for your friends to talk in. Skype doesn’t give you such freedom if they’re not on Skype (or worse: Windows Live) messenger;

That’s all, folks! Hopefully you found the answer to your question or at least got an idea of what live chat can do and help you in making your website more functional and user-friendly! If you have any questions regarding this tutorial please leave them in comments below and we’ll try to answer them as soon as possible!

What Is The Best Free Live Chat Software?

Let’s assume you are looking for a software that can handle Live Chat on its own without requiring any other tools. After all, who wants to waste time installing extra software just to have something that should have been included? When I cover the best free live chat software packages, I will focus on those which allow you to use them directly with your website without using any third party platform at all. If you are familiar with these technologies, then you know they are very specialized and usually require plugins or extensions in order to be opened. Those packets are huge and may take up almost 100MB of storage space on your server if installed by hand. Even worse – it requires configuration every time the admin changes anything related to the interface/transactions/etc… This is why many webmasters prefer working directly from their website itself rather than having to deal with some complicated system that may not always run well alone after updates etc… This is where either free trial version, trials tested for maximum compatibility or full-blown paid ones come into play. However I would like to list here mainly free solutions as they do not need anyone else’s intervention since there is really no need for complicated setups thanks to dynamic websites themselves now offering lot of features out of box now days! On top of it Free Trials means completely unlimited usage so there is absolutely nothing wrong about trying kiwiFreeChat first since there is no compromise when it comes computers resources allocated just for testing


what is the best live chat software?


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