What Is The Best Sql Software?

Just an quick question about sql… – Microsoft

Geren’s Answer: I’m not a fan of SQL Server, but it is a great product. IMHO the only database you really need to invest in is Oracle or MySQL. If you insist on using SQL Server then check out SQLServerCentral – that will give you an idea of what the experts down here think is best. In regards to DBs, all systems are different, and there is no one size fits all solution. Find a consultant who has been around for a long time and can look at your requirements from both IT and operations standpoints..then make your decision based on their recommendation moving forward!! So I guess my answer would be “best” depends on the needs of the business as a whole……what works best for some companies doesn’t necessarily work best for others….or even fit each office/department….that being said, there are plenty of good products out there if that sort of thing interests ya! – Mike Geren’s Reply: Yep…I am still blown away by how many consultants list themselves as SQL server experts as though they know everything…they do not..just because it says so on there resume does not mean they know what they are doing or have truly been around long enough to have done any real world expierence with enterprise level databases! Yes its true that Commercial Software vendors use Commercial End User Databases under contract with third parties to provide these services yet almost ALL software packages come

What Is The Best Cd Burning Software?

Burning cd is a very simple and quick process that can be done in couple of seconds. What better way to add awesome images that you’ve taken on your pc wallpapers,ribbon cutouts or even car images? Remember, burning software doesn’t have to be all so advanced with zillions of options and pretty effects. To start the burning process choose a burner program from the list. Label your disc according to how many tracks there are on each side of the disc and what type of file system it uses (UDF). If your burner supports burning from mp3s choose one of those formats for good quality sound. With these Hints Burning Cd-R With Any Program Is Easy Once You Know How To Do So In Just A Few Simple Steps

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what is the best sql software?


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