What Is The Best Value Antivirus Software?

Symantec Norton Core Antivirus 2010 is an old but recommended antivirus program which has just been released in the US under the name Norton Core. According to Symantec, Norton Core includes all of their antivirus protection features, plus extra security utilities that you may not have come across before. They claim that it covers both consumer and enterprise users.

Bottom Line: One of two new products from Symantec, the other being Norton 360 (see review). The nice thing about this one is its simplicity; you get a single-task main program with limited options yet plenty of data backups and scheduling options for what you need do on a daily basis: file scanning and virus removal­­­­­­. While Norton’s array of features and power might satisfy some users, we think it will be confusing for others; we felt these important tools were hidden away somewhere out of sight and hard to find, although after spending some time familiarising yourself with the interface they’re fine. We also gave heavy consideration to McAfee Total Protection ($89), which is included as part of many large deals such as Dell Advantage Platinum ($69)and Microsoft Optimum ($84). McAfee gets more points than Symantec here because it provides direct access via smart phone apps along with remote management capabilities — something less capable programs like CyberSitter require extra installations or third-party applications to achieve (the app can even run on Android). But if $7 per month seems more

Which Is The Best Free Video Editing Software?

Posted: November 29, 2013 | By: Thomas Here’s a surprise: there does not appear to be any free video editing software that is better than the full-fledged tools on this chart. That’s right, folks—there isn’t even one! I know what you’re thinking: “What about iMovie? At least it costs $4.99 and gives you 20 free features! Surely there must be something out there for free…something…or anything…that can create an editable video?” Alas, no such luck. There may be a few freeware tools that will suffice in your short-term needs (e.g., if you don’t need to do cool effects or if you’re on a super cheap computer), but there is nothing available that comes close to equal functionality from professional products at their price bracket. Here’s why…[more]

Antares Autotune 8 – Free Download

what is the best value antivirus software?


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