What Productivity Activity Does Infographic Software Best Support??

What do you see as the best uses of infographic software? Are you a designers who’s using this type of software to create professional designs? What about those who are use to creating infographics for their own needs, but perhaps want a little more design control. Where should they start? How can they best tell their story in an effective and engaging manner?

I answered these questions last week by having a online discussion with 13 colleagues from various backgrounds, sizes and geographies. We all have one commonality – we’re working professionals who have been using or have been considering using some form of infographic software so we could either create infographics for our own specific uses or simply enhance our content creation options within other applications such as InDesign etc…..

There were over 100 comments made on the thread which I found incredibly interesting…even beyond just answering questions – it was great fun listening to all the different opinions and insights offered! It sounds simplistic but its true – there really is a large community of people dealing with both sides of infographics – whether its from the perspective of someone who wants an easier life from creating infographics + if it doesn’t work out they can always go back to InDesign or Illustrator, or someone else who has decided to take the step into creating their own professionally designed graphics.

It was quite interesting hearing different ideas around which software might be suitable then going through that decision-making process. I thought maybe I would publish today

What Is The Best Protection Software?

When it comes to protecting data, you should seek the best security software. However, there are many security tools available on the market at the moment and they all offer different sets of features for free or paid versions. So what criteria can be used to evaluate them? As with all technology, simple usability is an important factor when selecting these types of software; not only because you need ease-of-use to use them properly but also because you don’t have time to investigate every program which fits your needs. The other important thing should be a transparent compatibility with your operating system so your antivirus doesn’t interfere with any other applications installed on your computer. Of course, if one of those factors is not being satisfied by a certain product then you have no other option but installing another program just as efficient as the first one if this criterion was super important for you. In any case, I believe that those main guidelines will help decide which security tool is the right choice for anybody aiming to protect his valuable information from prying eyes – including someone who has nothing valuable to hide!

The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Impact on the Environment [Infographic]

what productivity activity does infographic software best support??


In this infographics, we have described the impact that the Coronavirus Pandemic has had on the environment. In January 2012, a 70-year old woman from France was diagnosed with a type of coronavirus, called as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and she later died. The same disease – MERS – managed to emerge in China and has killed several people. Although there is no evidence that it could affect healthy animals and humans directly, many other animals (e.g., camels and goats) and birds (e.g., wild ducks) were affected by this virus; therefore affecting their immune systems which can lead them to die off early because of weakness.

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