Which Blog Software Is Best?

There are plenty of options, including WordPress (see our WordPress support page to learn about the vast number of themes, plugins and other resources available) but lately I’ve been impressed with Drupal. Drupal is open source software that makes it easy for non-programmers to create custom websites. It’s written in PHP so you can use whichever programming language you prefer, and its administration interface isn’t limited to just one tool – there are many third-party tools for making back end changes too. Because it’s open source, people at all levels of expertise can contribute to the software – meaning the community is incredibly dynamic and committed.

So just because someone hasn’t created a theme or plugin doesn’t mean they are stuck in their ways or unwilling to make changes. And while Drupal does require some technical knowledge when setting up your website (it’s even compatible with WordPress), once you get used to working with it things become much easier. Just ask Avi Halterman who recently set up his own news portal using Drupal interfaces on WordPress & PippinPress!

What Is The Best Iphone Spy Software?

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which blog software is best?


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