Which Is The Best Open Source Ecommerce Software?

Sounds like an easy question. That’s because I thought it was too! However, after spending over 40 hours researching shopping carts and trying to identify what should be included in the best open source ecommerce software, I realized that every open source project has its pros and cons.

The first step towards selecting the right ecommerce system is to understand the problem you are solving for your business. The second step is understanding whether or not your company can afford to pay one of the proprietary vendors for their expensive services, which often include client support, storage, hosting and integration .

Your third choice might be choosing free open source software (or relying on a team of volunteers). The reason why these options are not advisable is that one bad thing can happen at any given time that will drain all the work put into building up good relationships with other companies. Even worse than that is when no one pays attention or supports your product / initiative. In those cases things fall apart quickly as they did with my website once backThenAgainStartedIn1995AfterBeingWithATVForTwoYearsInAugustOf1994OnceAgainStartedIn1996ToEstablishMyPaysite21yearsLater InJuneOf2007andNowiAmStillBeatingaroundthebushwithmyFarmerBobFarmSite WithaLotofStoriesAndAinothattooInterestingByAnymeasureAtAllAndIhopeWithin…Related posts: Open source laptop applications Open source web content management systems 13

What Is The Best Virus Scan Software?

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which is the best open source ecommerce software?


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