Which Of The Following Software Can Best Be Used To Help Create Digital Art?

(1) Adobe Photoshop; (2) Corel Painter; (3) LyX; (4) Adobe Illustrator A user is working with a drawing of a ball on some software that cannot be changed to show any other objects. The user wants to use the ball in some art work at some later date, but doesn’t want to change the image. Which of the following options would result in maintaining the original drawing while having another object from different software?

[A] Export from Corel Draw and import into Corel Acrobat. [B] Export from Corel Draw and import into Corel Perfect VCD Pro Office. [C] Export from Corel Draw and save as an image file format. [D] Save to separate folder on hard drive labeled “Drawings” and save images there outside the program folders residing on your hard drive. Cxkpt, B , or D answer choice correct

The correct answer is : Option B

What Is The Best Beat Making Software?

The #1 most popular beat making software for many reasons is FL Studio. Although it’s not the cheapest, it’s by far the most powerful and flexible of them all. That being said, you can buy other DAWs that are better suited to your style of music if you want something cheaper or have less resources available for other types of projects. It does its job so well, in fact, this is what has driven many professionals to use it exclusively. I’ve met a lot of people who say they just can’t do beats without FL Studio even though they’re doing amazing music with their DAW that would be impossible with any other program…so do what you have to to get into work mode! Mak952 provides the best advice on how he used his budget effectively when selecting his DAW: – “I’m getting ready to release my latest record, whether anyone buys it or not doesn’t matter because I did exactly what I wanted instead of making something for someone else’s expectations.” – Listening To Mak952 Is Literally One Of The Best Ways To Get Inspired For Your Music Projects! Check Out What He Did With Serum And How His Budget Was Effectively Spent Here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEsHqugQVzw&t=166s Watch More Of His Tutorial Videos On YouTube So You Can Understand What Is Happening In The Video Above! 🙂 Connect With Mak952 Here

which of the following software can best be used to help create digital art?


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